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About Vietnam: History

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From the 1st to the 6th centuries, the south of what is now Vietnam was part of the Indianised Kingdom of Funan.

The Hindu kingdom of Champa appeared around present-day Danang in the late 2nd century and had spread south to what is now Nha Trang by the 8th century.

The Chinese conquered the Red River Delta in the 2nd century and their 1000-year rule, marked by tenacious Vietnamese resistance and repeated rebellions, ended in 938 AD when Ngo Quyen vanquished the Chinese armies at the Bach Dang River.

In 1858, French and Spanish-led forces stormed Danang after several missionaries had been killed. A year later, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) was seized.

By 1867, France had conquered all of southern Vietnam, which became the French colony of Cochin China.

Dalat was founded by French colonialists as a resort area because of its temperate climate. The Dalat Palace Hotel was the first major structure built in Dalat and the rest of the city was built around it.

Under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh Vietnam resisted French domination.

In July 1995, America re-established diplomatic relations with Vietnam.